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Jason and Scott, Lieutenant Marvels

Comic books were a huge part of my childhood, but for the most part I wouldn’t let my boys near anything printed today. A while back Jason took an interest in Superman and had me read him some vintage stories, but he was pretty unsettled

Toddler Malapropisms

One of the many interesting aspects to having young children is watching them evolve their speech from grunts to baby talk to something approximating English before finally talking like little grown-ups. More than once, Laura’s noted wistfully the first time Scotty says a word correctly,

Meanest Mom in the World

Forget those morons running for president, the coolest person in Iowa is this woman who stuck by her guns and took her teenage son’s car away. We need more parents like this in America, instead of losers who kowtow to their kids’ every whim to

Superman Fan Blog

Like I’m not doing a lame enough job already just keeping this blog going, now I’ve gone and started a new one. For ten years now, I’ve made almost daily visits to a site called “Superman Thru The Ages” for my fix of on-line comics