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Wrath of Khan Particle Animation

Here’s a fun clip I stumbled across on Youtube.  Some enterprising (ha) soul has created an animation of all the battles from “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” still the best film in that mixed bag of a series.  If you know and love

Fathers and Sons and Phones in Space

Jason’s going through a sweet phase where he likes to tell me I’m a great dad. I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts, and bank up all this praise to get me through his teen years, when he’ll doubtless consider me a colossal embarrassment

Pigeon: Impossible

As a fan of spy movies, animation and just generally all things awesome, I was blown away by this animation from Lucas Martell.  Incredibly, it’s his first stab at directing, and brilliant stuff; watch it in full-screen mode to get the full effect. Learn more

Sagan and Hawking Sing the Wonder of the Cosmos

Well, I’ve been wrong before and no doubt I’ll be wrong again.  I said YouTube might as well shut down after seeing “Shatner On the Mount,” which I dubbed the greatest internet video ever.  Now I’m eating my words already after watching this tribute to

Best. Video. Ever.

No, seriously. Might as well lock down Youtube now and call it quits. In this video, we finally understand the secret behind William Shatner’s…erm…unique speech patterns. Obviously he hears music the rest of us aren’t privy to. Watch as The Shat reveals Captain Kirk’s true