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Jason The Cop

Jason and Scott had a lot of fun over the Labor Day weekend, tearing around the back yard, throwing their frisbees and balls, digging in the sandbox and chasing frogs. At one point, they got a frisbee caught in a tree branch, so Jason tried knocking it down with a second frisbee, which he somehow managed to lodge in the exact same spot, lying perfectly aligned on top of the first disc. Even the worst gambler wouldn’t have taken a bet on that shot.

On Saturday, they raced each other on their tricycles in the front yard. Predictably, Jason won most of the heats, as Scott still scoots along with his feet and avoids using the pedals. One time out, however, Scott finished first — I suspect because Jason let him — but in the time-honored tradition of little brothers, even when he wins, he loses. Immediately following Scott’s victory, Jason came over to him and extended his hand. “Here,” he said, “you went too fast, so I’m giving you a ticket.”

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