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Super-Jason and Hoppy

Last Halloween, Jason had trouble deciding on a costume, so we grabbed a Superman outfit on sale and figured we were good to go.  Then he decided he wanted to be a pumpkin.

A few days ago we pulled out the Superman suit again and this time he took to it in a big way.  For nearly a week, he insisted on wearing it every day around the house (We managed to convince him not to wear it outside or he’d ruin the surprise for everyone come Halloween).  I don’t think Jason’s ever seen the old George Reeves TV show, but he seemed to know instinctively that a proper superhero takes three running steps before leaping skyward.  This resulted in a few spills, but Jason took it in stride, reporting with a grin, “I try to fly, but I always come down with a ‘plop!'”  With any luck, the outfit will survive until Trick or Treat time.

This week the big news was a visit from Hoppy the Bunny, a stuffed animal Jason’s teacher awards to “special helpers” for overnight visits at her students’ homes.  Jason was very proud to have earned a visit from Hoppy, and when we had to leave the bunny behind for a trip to the store, Jason said Hoppy was having fun “playing with Pretend Superman.”  I thought it was interesting, given Jason’s food allergies, that he assigned one to Hoppy as a way of identifying with him.  Interesting but also kind of sad; of all things, poor Hoppy the Bunny is apparently allergic to carrots.

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