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Jason Graduates

Jason’s pre-school class graduated last night in a nice ceremony including a “march” (in felt “mortarboard” caps), songs from the kids and comments on each graduate from their teacher as the diplomas were handed out. As a side drama, everyone in the place seemed to

Wal-Mart’s Video Troubles

This is actually old news now, but it’s still worth posting. Seems Wal-Mart is being haunted by some old videos they had a freelancer shoot for them years ago. At issue is whether the videographer was really hired “on a handshake.” If he was, he

Too Smart for School?

We pretty much decided before we even had kids that homeschooling was the way to go, but now that Jason and Scott are in our lives, we’re more convinced than ever. The boys are both frighteningly intelligent, and public education is ill-equipped to deal with

“Darth Vader” versus Church of Jedi

The Dark Lord of the Sith on crutches, with a garbage bag for a cape. A “church” of Star Wars movie worshippers. A two and a half gallon box of wine. Put them all together and what could possibly go wrong? The sad part is,

It’s A Girl!

Well, incredibly we’re up to Week 20 now with our latest pregnancy. Laura had an extensive ultrasound Monday and everything looks great, thankfully. Strong heartbeat, head the right shape, bones the right size, body the right weight and all that. And it’s a girl(!). I

Ted Turner in 2008…Still An Idiot

I recently read a review for the new book “The War Against Fertility,” which chronicles the “population control” movement, its ties to racist Margaret Sanger and Nazi Germany and its full flowering in the early 70s, when it neatly dovetailed with the environmentalist movement (“Save