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Catching Up

Sometimes I wonder why blogs aren’t so much of a thing anymore, and then I remember how often I update this one, which is almost never.  I guess it’s just too easy to share what’s going on in your life via 140-character tweets or a

Jason The Grad

On June 1, Jason officially graduated high school. This is the part where as Dad I say, “where did the time go?” but I know for him it probably feels overdue.  I still remember spending my own HS graduation barely believing that my 12 year

Scott at 15 (!)

Yesterday was Scott’s birthday, incredibly placing him halfway through his teen years. He picked out an acoustic guitar that looks and sounds terrific and better yet gives him one to play other than mine. Or so I thought: now he’s got mine to play downstairs

The Kids Are Alright

Well, better than alright, really, but this way I get to invoke a catchy song title. Scott just celebrated his 13th (!) birthday and he kept it a pretty low key affair, hanging around the house with Grandma (visiting from Ohio) and not asking for much in

Chess Master Jason

Jason’s been on a tear this year with a series of successful performances in his chess tournaments.  This past weekend, he took first place in the Under 2200 section of the Cherry Blossom Classic in northern Virginia.  In the process, he boosted his USCF rating

Grace Grenade

Keep forgetting to post this.  Grace apparently is considering a career as a spy.  She gave Mommy a hug and slipped this homemade grenade behind her back.