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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Sagan and Hawking Sing the Wonder of the Cosmos

Well, I’ve been wrong before and no doubt I’ll be wrong again.  I said YouTube might as well shut down after seeing “Shatner On the Mount,” which I dubbed the greatest internet video ever.  Now I’m eating my words already after watching this tribute to

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Well, our little girl turns 1 today. It hardly seems like a whole year since she squinted up at me with those baby blues under the bright light of the warmer in the delivery room, clutching desperately to my index finger and wailing away. I

Best. Video. Ever.

No, seriously. Might as well lock down Youtube now and call it quits. In this video, we finally understand the secret behind William Shatner’s…erm…unique speech patterns. Obviously he hears music the rest of us aren’t privy to. Watch as The Shat reveals Captain Kirk’s true