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Wrath of Khan Particle Animation

Here’s a fun clip I stumbled across on Youtube.  Some enterprising (ha) soul has created an animation of all the battles from “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” still the best film in that mixed bag of a series.  If you know and love

Inglourious Federation Basterds

As a lifelong Star Trek fan, I’ve enjoyed a long tradition and it’s time to revisit it today.  The tradition goes like this:  I look at the current state of Star Trek and say, “Paramount can’t possibly screw this up any worse than they have!” 

Star Trek at 50

The first episode of Star Trek aired on NBC fifty years ago today, Sept. 8, 1966, kicking off a three-year run on network TV.  I missed the whole thing. In my defense, I started that run as a baby and ended it as a preschooler, but

RIP Leonard Nimoy

Long ago, before the geeks inherited the Earth, before “Big Bang Theory” ruled the airwaves and superhero movies ruled at the box office, before everyone and his brother had a Dr Who t-shirt, “nerd” was not a label we wore with comfort, let alone bragged about.  Being

Best. Video. Ever.

No, seriously. Might as well lock down Youtube now and call it quits. In this video, we finally understand the secret behind William Shatner’s…erm…unique speech patterns. Obviously he hears music the rest of us aren’t privy to. Watch as The Shat reveals Captain Kirk’s true

Quick Review: Star Trek (2009)

I finally got around to seeing the new Star Trek film this weekend, a month into its theatrical run. All in all, it was an enjoyable film; fast-paced, well-acted and with some cool visuals. I’m just old enough to be put off by modern special