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Shatellite Launch

Not sure I have much to add on the subject of William Shatner venturing into space for real, but I figured I couldn’t let it go entirely unmentioned. I don’t know what’s odder; the bizarre juxtaposition of fiction and reality that is this story, or

Catching Up

Sometimes I wonder why blogs aren’t so much of a thing anymore, and then I remember how often I update this one, which is almost never.  I guess it’s just too easy to share what’s going on in your life via 140-character tweets or a

Jason The Grad

On June 1, Jason officially graduated high school. This is the part where as Dad I say, “where did the time go?” but I know for him it probably feels overdue.  I still remember spending my own HS graduation barely believing that my 12 year

Shatner at 90

Yesterday was a bit chaotic, so I missed posting birthday well-wishes to William Shatner, who turned 90.  Better late than never, I guess. For a moment, I was going to type “actor William Shatner” or “Star Trek star…” but at this point, that’s not really

Another Art Experiment

I’ve always had more luck with drawing than painting.  I’d like to be able to paint, I just never seem to have the patience to learn.  It’s on my “to do” list. Anyway, I came across an interesting method for blending painting and drawing and

Tragedy in DC

I try to avoid political posts on this blogs. Early on, it became obvious they’d always end up as gripe sessions, so I decided if I couldn’t say anything positive, I’d say nothing at all.  Looking back, I think the last political post I uploaded