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Happy Birthday, Grace!

grace_at_11Well, our little girl turns 1 today. It hardly seems like a whole year since she squinted up at me with those baby blues under the bright light of the warmer in the delivery room, clutching desperately to my index finger and wailing away. I have to confess I had some trepidations about adding a third kid to the line-up, and no idea how to take care of a little girl, but the moment she grabbed my finger, she wrapped me around hers.

Grace is standing on her own now, and loves to walk around the house with one hand holding Mommy’s or Daddy’s. Pretty soon she’ll be letting go and walking on her own. We’d hoped maybe she’d hit that milestone this past weekend, with Grandma visiting from Ohio, but unless she does it for us today as a birthday present, I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Jason wants to see Grace blow out a candle today, but I told him she hasn’t yet figured out how to blow. The closest she comes is when she points at pictures or toys of Winnie the Pooh and says “Puhh!” Jason’s plan is to hold a Pooh toy near the candle and get her to say his name to blow it out.

Happy Birthday, Gracie. It’s been a great first year; can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us in the next one.

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