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Traveling Time

Jason took his second plane trip last week…to Minnesota again to see Mommy’s relatives. He had a fun stay with his Great Uncle Nick and Great Aunt Bernie and got to play with Cousin Ben. Then it was down to the farm with Great-Grandma for more adventures, and briefly up to the Twin Cities before heading back home.

Staying entertained on the long plane rides was a bit challenging, but overall Jason did very well, and charmed everyone. His new trick involves holding his hand way up over his head when asked how big he is. To the follow-up question “How did you get so big?” he answers, “Grow, grow, grow!” (Which makes “grow” one of four words in his vocabulary, the others being “Momma,” “Dadda” and, for some reason, “truck”!)

For now, Jason is glad to be back home in familiar surroundings and with his favorite toys. Mommy asked him to make his toy train go “Toot, toot” but he pressed the wrong button and got a different sound out of it. So when it finished, he said, “Toot, toot!” himself, just to make Mommy happy.

And so it did.

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