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Happy Birthday!

Incredible as it seems, Jason is now one year old. But while it’s hard to believe it’s been a whole 12 months since he was born, it’s equally hard to imagine life without him around. What did we do with all that free time?

At his one-year checkup with the doctor, Jason came in at just over 25 pounds, so he’s slowing down with the weight gain. Similarly, his statistics are settling down into the 75%-80% range as far as height and head size. And luckily he just had one shot — a Chicken Pox vaccination — which is a lot less than expected.

After a good start at walking, Jason had a setback for a couple of weeks when he contracted an ear infection. It threw him off-balance and scared him away from standing up for a while. But with the example set by some neighbor boys — and the motivation of untold wonders forever on the other side of the room — he’s back on track and beginning to toddle around with the best of ’em.

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