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15 Months: Big Brother Time

Wow, long time no update. Jason is now 15 months old and doing very well. At his check-up he registered in the 95th percentile for height, weight and head size, weighing in at 29lbs 1 oz and 33 inches tall. He’s walking and running all over the place, climbing up and down the stairs and has a vocabulary of about 50 words (many of them animal sounds, which substitute for their names. A cat is a “meow” and a duck is a “Quack-Quack” for instance).

Jason loves music and has a fascination with clocks and trains, possibly inheriting both interests from his great-granddaddy on Daddy’s side. He also continues to enjoy being read to and is always lugging books around.

Grandaddy and Granny are still baby-sitting a couple times a week and Jason loves having them over. A wagon ride around the neighborhood is always a highlight of the day; lots of chances to see joggers, cars, squirrels, birds and the occasional suprise or two.

The big news is that Jason will soon be a big brother! Mommy is expecting a second baby in February. We hope Jason will take well to sharing us with a sibling, and from what we’ve seen so far he should do fine. He loves other kids and is fascinated with babies. Plus after months of ignoring his stuffed Spider-Man doll, he’s suddenly taken to carrying it under his arm wherever he goes. Maybe practicing for next year?

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