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Summer Fun

The boys are enjoying the summer so far, even though it’s been too hot to go out a lot. Cousin Skylar came to visit over Independence Day weekend with his mommy Cousin Toni, and all the boys had a good time. At a local celebration on the 4th, they got to enjoy some music, games and a look at a hot-air balloon.

Jason went to pre-school for a week at a local church, where he got to learn about bugs and plants, play on swings and a slide, practice on his tambourine and do some fun crafts. It was a bit rough on him plunging head first into four straight days away from Mommy and Scott, but he enjoyed making new friends and now he’s looking forward to going back in the fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Scott is getting stronger all the time and likes to stand up with our help. We got the Johnny-Jump-Up back from Grandma and Scott leaps away in it fast and furious. He especially likes to jump in time to Daddy’s whistling…Daddy can’t think of too many songs that move so fast, though, so usually the tune of choice is “Dixie,” which should make Scott’s great-grandaddy pretty happy.

Next month we’re all looking forward to a visit from Aunt Heidi. It will be her first time meeting Scott. With any luck it’ll cool off a few degrees and we can do something fun.

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