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More Hi-Jinks

Well, the good news is that at the tender age of two, Jason can already read and write a good many words, including the names for all the colors in his crayon box. The bad news is he did exactly that on the living room wall.

He got a dressing-down for that little act of creativity, and now whenever he passes the wall, he shakes his head and says, “very, very bad…” Consensus from friends and family is that rather than paint over it we should just put a frame around it and call it art. And indeed with every day that passes I can tell Laura’s going to have a harder time finally covering it up.

Scott is coming along very well. He can turn himself 360 degrees on his hands and knees and has started pulling himself forward across the floor in a manuever that’s just a week or so away from real crawling. He’s also figured out the way to make Jason laugh is to scream at him, so the challenge now is getting through a meal time with these two facing each other; Scott screaming and Jason guffawing. But then I guess there are worse problems than having your two kids enjoy each other too much.

Next week Jason starts going to his pre-school twice a week. More adventures ahead, no doubt.

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