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Life With The Boys

Scott’s coming up on four months old now, and is doing very well. He’s able to roll from front to back and once or twice has gone the other way, too. He can hold his head way up while he’s on his stomach and is developing some balance while he’s upright. The latter is a handy skill as we’ve started putting him in Jason’s old “saucer” seat where he can bat at a few toys. Without something interesting to look at or do he gets bored quickly and lets us know it. His hand-eye coordination is also improving; he’s able to reach out and grab all kinds of things.

Scott’s generally in a good mood during the day and is at that point now where things start getting fun…lots of smiles and giggling. But at night he hates going to sleep even more than Jason did, screaming at the top of his lungs until he finally drops off. In the last couple of weeks he’s at least sleeping through the night about half the time, which is a relief to Laura.

Easily Scott’s favorite person on Earth is his big brother Jason, who he loves to watch do just about anything. Every glimpse of Jason gets a wide grin from Scott; even in the middle of a howling fit, he’ll stop immediately and start giggling if Jason comes close.


Jason’s been a great help around the house and is a lot of fun to play with. A few day ago he was working his way through the alphabet as Laura came into the room. “L is for Love,” he said, “M is for Mommy…” Laura interrupted with, “Awww…you love Mommy? How sweet!” Jason looked up and answered, “N is for Nuts!”

We expect to get the all-clear to start Scott on solid foods soon, so it’s past time to move Jason out of the booster chair. We’ve set him up at his own table in the kitchen, and after an excited first meal there it sank in that he’s going to have to feed himself from now on, so he’s not so happy about it anymore.

For the last week and a half, off and on, we’ve had the house exterior and kitchen interior painted by a contracting team, which gave Jason plenty of entertainment. The lady who headed up the paint crew was very impressed with Jason’s ability to count and spell and threatened to get him booked on the “Today Show.” On the subject of spelling, Jason’s new favorite words are “Treasure” (as in Marshmallow Treasures, Mommy’s cereal) and “Firefighter” (he has a new shirt with a fire department helicopter and the legend…which he loves to run around shouting…”Firefighter to the rescue!!!”

We’re all looking forward to a long weekend together over Memorial Day.

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