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Six Months (!)

Incredible as it seems, Jason is now six months old. Last week we took him in for his check-up and it’s official…he’s big.

The scores went like this: height = 90th percentile, weight = 97th percentile, head circumference = 97th percentile. The 97s were only because the doctor doesn’t believe in giving 100s. We also found out that the strangely low figures from last time (see entry: “Four Months“) were because the doctor looked at the chart wrong. She used the 6-month markers, meaning that at 4 months, Jason was racking up “average” scores for a 6-month old.

A few days earlier, Jason attended his first group play date at a neighbor’s house and had a lot of fun seeing and interacting with the other kids. One little girl put a ball in front of him and to our surprise he immediately figured out how to roll it back and forth to her (he’d never seen a ball before). So we went out and got him a ball of his own, a “basketball” about half official size, and he loves to lay on his back and transfer it from his hands to between his feet, let go with his hands, lower his feet with the ball between them and raise it back up again to his hands. In short, he seems to have some chimpanzee blood in him. Maybe we have a future soccer player on our hands.

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