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Front Porch Adventures

Dorothy found that everything she ever really needed was in her back yard all the time. In Jason’s case, it’s the front yard.

A few days before the hurricane, we lost power when a “waterproof” seal on our electric lines took in water and exploded. The guys from the power company dug it up and replaced it, which made for an entertaining show for Jason. A bit later, Daddy cut the grass, which was also good for a laugh, and last week the neighbors across the street had a crane brought in to lift trees off the back of their house, over the roof and down into the front yard to be sawed up and chipped. Another great show. A couple days later came the lawn care guy to do a core aeration.

When all else fails, it’s always fun to watch the cars go by. Jason’s gotten so he can hear them even before we do, and he’ll follow them with his eyes til they’re out of sight.

Who needs cable when you’ve got a front porch?

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