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Holidays, Grandmas and Earthquakes

Jason enjoyed his first Thanksgiving with daddy’s extended family this year, then had a blast visiting with Grandma Patricia and Great-Grandma Marie for a fun five days at the start of December. We fit in a “four-generation” portrait while they were down, since it doesn’t happen every day.

Having survived Hurricane Isabel, Jason seems destined to try out all the other natural disasters, too. Tuesday, Dec. 9 we had an earthquake here that measured 4.5 on the Richter Scale. Small potatoes to our friends out west, but unheard of here since way back in 1897! Daddy was at work…in a basement…when it hit, and Mommy had some anxious moments at home. But Jason slept through it all, as he did the worst of the Hurricane. Nerves of steel, that kid.

We’re all looking forward to spending some time together over the Christmas break. Jason is enjoying the lights on the tree and his teddy bear that recites “The Night Before Christmas.” Otherwise all this hub-bub is going right over his head. But next year should be a big deal for sure.

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