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Nine Months

Well, Jason hit the nine-month mark on Thursday, January 15, and went in for his checkup the next day. The best news was no shots (!), and he got a clean bill of health all the way around.

For those of you keeping stats, Jason’s now 29 1/2 inches tall (placing him in the 90th percentile), and — surprisingly to us — “just” 24 lbs, 3 oz (95th percentile). He’s making good use of his six teeth and has moved on to some finger foods like cookies, bread, cheerios, pear slices and bits of chicken.

He can pull himself up to his feet now while holding onto the coffee table, the couch or Mom and Dad, and when he decided he was really against taking a nap, he pulled himself up using the bars on his crib. He also likes letting go to stand on his own, but he gets so excited by this that he tries to jump up and down and lands on his bottom.

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