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All I Want For Christmas…

Jason enjoyed his first Christmas, even though he didn’t quite know what to make of it all. The big hits, as expected, were the lights on the tree and all the wrapping paper. Some mornings he’d stare at the tree expectantly until we plugged it in, at which point he’d say, “Ahhh…”

There were some fun new toys, cool blocks and clothes to enjoy. Jason also got some neat new books that he loves us to sit down and read to him. Another hit was a teddy bear from Grandma that recites “The night before Christmas.” After a couple hundred repetitions, its safe to say Jason’s the only one in the house who isn’t sick of that poem by now. Though he’s bound to miss the bear after the holidays, it’s definitely going in a box with the Christmas decorations.

Like the old song, Jason got his two front teeth for Christmas, or near enough, with a couple more thrown in for good measure. Now he has his incisors plus one more on top and a single tooth in the bottom front.

Daddy had two weeks off and spent a lot of time babysitting. Now that he’s back at work everyone is having to adjust a bit. The next big event (scheduled, anyway) will be a nine-month check-up at the doctors’.

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