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Magic Gracie

Lately I’ve been trying to keep the kids entertained with card tricks.  One of them involves making a chosen card appear on demand, and to make it more fun I do it as a “telepathic” trick where the kids are supposed to contribute their brain power to help me “move” the card to the top or bottom of the deck.  “This will only work if you believe in me,” I say, so of course the first time it doesn’t work.  Snickers. Nor the second.  Eyes roll.  Then comes the payoff: I tell the boys, “Well, if you don’t believe in me, maybe you’ll believe in Grace.” And of course when Grace pulls the next card, it’s the one sought.  Big laugh.

The boys get that it’s a comedy act, but Grace is convinced she’s got a real power, now.  So later on she asks, “Daddy, why do you think I’m so good at magic?”  “Well,” I tell her, “It’s because people believe in you.” Then, putting on a pouty face, I say, “But nobody ever believes in me.”  Looking me in the eye and patting my arm reassuringly, Grace answers, “But you ARE real, Daddy.”

A little later, Grace puts her hands to her temples and announces, “Daddy, I am telepathically looking into your mind.”  (“Telepathically”…not bad for a 4-year-old).

“Oh?” I ask, “And what do you see?”

“I see a hopeless brain.”

So there you have it; proof positive Grace has magic powers.  ‘Cause that is indeed what’s in my head.


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