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Four Months

Hard to believe it’s been four months since Jason was born. In some ways, it seems like just yesterday, but at the same time it’s hard to remember what life was like before him.

On the 15th, Jason had his four-month check-up and got a clean bill of health. He weighed in at 18 lbs, 9.5 oz, with a height of 26 inches. Surprisingly, this only puts him in the 75th and 58th percentiles, respectively (or thereabouts), which I guess means there’s a lot of big kids out there these days! Everyone who sees him guesses he’s more like 6-8 months.

Jason’s vocalizing a lot more, now. It started with squeals and it’s turning into mutterings and “sighs.” Words are still a long way off, but it’s fun to hear his voice anyway. We had fun recently when I sang him a Beatle song and he squealed through it like a teeny-bopper at Shea Stadium (his uncle suggested maybe this wasn’t adoration but an attempt to scream, “STOP IT!”)

Also he loves to stand up and even puts one foot in front of the other to move himself closer to things that interest him (like his reflection), but so far he doesn’t show any interest in crawling and in fact really dislikes being on his stomach. Hand-eye coordination is getting better, and now that he’s discovered he’s got two hands, he’s just as content pulling his own fingers as playing with toys.

Following up on the previous entry, the trip to Minnesota went very well…Jason slept for the two flights up and almost all the way back, which made the plane rides a lot less miserable than we’d expected. The weather was great and we got to see lots of family.

There have been a few sleep-impaired nights lately as Jason experiments with tantrums. He dislikes being put down alone and would prefer to be held all night…wouldn’t we all?

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