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Update on Jason

Jason continues to do very well. We estimate his weight at somewhere between 15 and 16 pounds, which means he’s double his birth weight here at the 11 week mark. The best part is he’s smiling a lot, and even giggling with a little encouragement, which usually comes in the form of his “Lion King” mobile, Daddy’s faces or Mommy’s renditions of Patsy Cline hits.

Jason enjoys kicking the set of chimes we bought to hang from his little pop-up gym, and his legs are strong enough that he can support his own weight for quite a while, provided we hold him steady (he still has no sense of balance).

On April 15, Jason was baptized by his grandfather and Rev. Lynch and got a warm welcome from the folks at Woods UMC.

This Thursday, it’s off to Minnesota for the Palzer family reunion. It’ll be Jason’s first trip by plane, obviously, but also the furthest he’s been from home since we brought him back from the hospital. We’re a little nervous about being “those people” on the flight…the ones who bring an infant along. I wonder if I’ll see the other passengers thinking the same thing I always used to (“I hope they’re not sitting next to me!”).

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