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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Derby Day

Well, Pinewood Derby day has finally come and gone. Jason was hugely excited about the whole thing, having placed second in his den last year despite all his competitors being a year older (Jason was the only Tiger cub in a den of Wolves). This

Reagan at 100

The first vote I ever cast, way back in 1984, was to re-elect Ronald Reagan to a second term as president.  It may also have been the last time I really felt like I was voting for something, instead of against something else. Today marks

Smooth Sailing With Sailor Bob

One of the (many) joys of my childhood was The Sailor Bob Show, a locally produced children’s program with puppets, skits, cartoons and (best of all, for me) lots of drawing. The main attraction, though, was host Bob Griggs, a former cameraman who took a