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Growing Boys

Things are still hopping at the Morefield residence. Scott did well at his one-month checkup and is putting on weight…he’s nearly up to 11 pounds now. He’s still a little mixed up with his days and nights, though, so Mommy’s not getting a lot of sleep. Last Thursday he smiled at us in response to our cues, so that’s going in the baby book. The most dependable source of smiles is his big brother, Jason. Whenever he comes around, Scott goes from a limp noodle to a wiggle worm; sometimes it seems he’d like to leap out of my arms and launch himself at Jason.

For his part, Jason is totally besotted with his little brother and loves to snuggle and kiss him. Sometimes he’s a bit miffed at us for spending so much time with the baby, but he doesn’t hold it against Scott.

Jason’s coming along with writing letters and numbers and yesterday, to my surprise, he wrote out “ELMO” as clear as you please. Not too shabby for a kid still shy of his 2nd birthday. We’re looking forward to getting him to sign cards for folks, but he’s got to work on his name a bit, yet. Too bad it’s not “Elmo.” (If he could change it, he would!)

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