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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Photos – Easter 2011

Yes, I know it’s July…the triple-digit temps were a major clue…but I did promise earlier to post some of the photos here that I’ve failed to post in anything like a timely manner on the kids’ site.  So here’s a fond look back at April

Scott’s Heroes

Some time ago, I posted images of Scott’s self-created superheroes Fireflash and Tongueman. Well, lately he’s been at it again. I gather Fireflash is his signature character, as he’s still a frequently drawn subject and the recent recipient of a nifty costume upgrade, as seen

Miss Me?

Well, this is mortifying.  Somewhere along the way I turned into THAT guy.  You know, the guy who starts a blog and proceeds to neglect it for months at a time.  The guy who makes you wonder why you bother checking his site when you