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Another Art Project

I was doodling on the boys’ “magic paper” one day and came up with a Batman caricature I kind of liked, so I sketched a thumbnail, then did a bigger version in a sketchbook and went over it with one of those groovy new brush pens Laura’s mom picked me up in Ohio.

It worked out pretty well, so I ended up doing a Robin and four bat-villains in the same style, eventually painting them in acrylic to hang in the boys’ room. With their blessing, we took the Pooh paintings I’d done before and moved them over to the baby’s room as a gift from her big brothers. Here’s a photo of how the Dynamic Duo turned out, with a batmobile thrown in for good measure:

Batman and Robin painting

We hung them over the boys’ dresser, surrounded by the nefarious members of the United Underworld:

United Underworld

Just to make the occasion more special, Laura topped it off by making t-shirts with craft paint, using the Batman and Robin art as a model. As you can see, it went over well:


Now I’m back to what I’d meant to do in the first place, which was practice more with the Wacom tablet using a scan of the original sketch. Here’s what I’ve whipped up in Photoshop so far:

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