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War By Any Other Name

In the proud tradition of Bill Clinton, who put a joint in his mouth to please half the room then refused to inhale so as to please the other half, the Obama administration is perfectly willing to continue Bush’s anti-terror policies, provided they’re stripped of all the confrontational language that puts the ACLU on high alert.

Thus the “war on terror” becomes an “overseas contingency operation” and terrorism itself is reclassified as a “man-caused disaster”.  Now satirist Joe Queenan has penned an article revealing what’s next for us in the kooky world of mealy-mouthed euphemisms.  The Taliban, he says, would like us to replace the term “beheading” with the more tactful “cephalic attrition,” while the government of Darfur would like to jettison “genocide” in favor of “maximum-intensity racial profiling.”

It would be even funnier if it weren’t true.

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