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Update from Ground Zero

For the benefit of anyone who might be interested, I thought I’d relate that the Morefield clan is safe and sound after last Tuesday’s earthquake and this past weekend’s hurricane.

Aside from some needed cleanup work in the yard, the only after effect from Irene is a loss of power, and Virginia Dominion Power’s website offers some hope that will be a non-issue in the near future.  We’re fairly certain our troubles stem from a downed tree next to Jacob’s Glenn Elementary, and the website says crews are assigned to that spot today.

For the most part, our neighborhood seems to have been spared the worst of it, except for one unlucky family about 10 or 12 doors down who had a tree land on their deck and sheer off one end of the house, which probably led to a lot of water damage afterwards.  And for good measure, the same household had another tree land on a vehicle in the driveway.

Hopefully this will be the last of our encounters with Mother Nature for a while.  The last time we had a brush with a Hurricane (Isabel) was also the last year we had an earthquake, and on top of those we got a tropical depression that flooded downtown Richmond.  I hope that doesn’t mean trouble comes in 3’s, ’cause I’m ready for a break.

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