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Toddler Malapropisms

One of the many interesting aspects to having young children is watching them evolve their speech from grunts to baby talk to something approximating English before finally talking like little grown-ups. More than once, Laura’s noted wistfully the first time Scotty says a word correctly, knowing we’ll never hear the baby version again.

In an effort to memorialize some of these words before they’re lost for good, I thought I’d jot a few down. Among my current faves are “myrtle-cycle,” denoting a two-wheeled, gas-powered conveyance; “breastfix,” that first meal of the day; and “Coco-Cuffs,” a chocolately staple of said breastfix.

Yesterday Scotty listened to one of Jason’s Leap-pad cartridges, “Meet the Band,” and today he’s walking around with a Cockney accent, saying, “I’ve got stickers in my knickers.”

Never a dull moment.

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