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Like I’m not doing a lame enough job already just keeping this blog going, now I’ve gone and started a new one.

For ten years now, I’ve made almost daily visits to a site called “Superman Thru The Ages” for my fix of on-line comics and discussions with fellow fans. Then in mid-November the plug was pulled and the site vanished into the Phantom Zone. In a highly uncharacteristic burst of initiative, I took it on myself to launch a new site to replace the lost one, and with a HUGE assist from my pal Ian in the UK I got up a new message board in about 72 hours. Happily it was quick enough to keep most of the old gang from wandering off forever.

I wanted to anchor the boards to a site with some sort of actual content, so I came up with the idea of a multi-author blog, something that wouldn’t depend on me entirely. Slowly but surely it’s coming together here.

Just thought I’d mention it in case my loyal readers get frustrated by the space between posts here (Hi, Aldous! Hi, Dad! Hi, Spambots! I think that covers everyone).

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