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Steve Austin is Coming to DVD!

smdm1Wow, even for a guy who runs in slow motion, this has been a long time coming.

For about as long as we’ve had DVDs and the internet, I’ve been haunting the “TV Shows on DVD” website, hoping to see news that The Six Million Dollar Man would soon be available for home viewing.  Alas, for all those years the rights were entangled in a hopeless muddle over who owned what.  Some studio or other bought the rights to Martin Caidin’s original “Cyborg” novel and with it characters Steve Austin, Oscar Goldman and Rudy Wells, and certain other key concepts, the aim being to do a big-screen remake…which never materialized.   The Bionic Woman faced similar issues, but since Jaime Sommers was created for TV (and not by Caidin), they were able to use her name and the show title to do NBC’s ill-fated (and frankly awful) remake in 2008, though it meant changing the whole definition of “bionic” to do it (“Bionic” now meaning “as much like Jennifer Garner in ‘Alias’ as legally possible.)

So anyway today I’m doing one of my periodic checks of old bookmarks, trying to weed out the ones I don’t need, and what do I find at tvshowsondvd but a headline saying that yes, SMDM (and the Bionic Woman, but who cares?) are being prepped for DVD, those thorny legal issues having been finally resolved (probably due to a studio collapse…finally something to thank the recession for!).

With any luck, by Christmas or sometime early next year, I’ll be able to share this show with my boys so they can finally see what their old man’s been prattling on about.  (And let’s face it, we’ve got a narrow window, here; if they get much past 7 years old, it probably won’t impress them much.)  If I can spot them out in the backyard even once, staging a battle in slow-mo and going “Chh-chh-chh-chh-chhhh…” it will have been worth the wait.

And what the heck, if Grace feels left out, I can always bring home The Bionic Woman.

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