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Self-Isolation, One Week In

Well, I did make it past Wednesday and the big work project: everyone’s up and running with Zoom at VCU, so I can start breathing again. I’ve actually been impressed with how pleasant everyone’s been in such stressful conditions, in a weird way, this seems to be bringing out the best in people.

I’m impressed with the governor of Ohio for taking an aggressive stance on the virus and shutting things down fairly early in the game. Apparently he had a task force in the wings since January with a clear plan on what steps to take, when. And he even appointed an actual physician to head it up, imagine that. It’s been impressive to see people take decisive action on the state, local and even personal level, especially given the total vacuum of leadership in Washington, which follows the “Four Stage Strategy” from “Yes Minister.”

Our own governor’s attitude seems to be “we don’t have that many cases here, so we’re still good.” Never mind that they’re only allowing tests for a select few. But hey, if you don’t test, you can’t test positive, right?

On Thursday, Laura, Grace and I took a walk around the neighborhood just to be out of the house. It was weird seeing so many driveways full of cars on a weekday afternoon. A few folks were out doing yard work or sprucing up their houses; we waved from a safe distance.

Today, I took Laura to Costco in my first car trip in over a week. Milk, meats and other items were being rationed, toilet paper and some cleaning supplies just plain gone, folks in masks and gloves. A weird experience.

So far I’m doing pretty well with the new normal, but it probably helps that “social distancing” has been a way of life for me pretty much as long as I’ve been around.

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