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Beware the Vampire Peacock

Another typical day in New York, as a man attacks a peacock in a Burger King parking lot in the belief it is actually a vampire. Hey, makes perfect sense to me.

Flying Skybus

Over the weekend we journeyed to Ohio for Laura’s mom’s wedding, and became some of the first passengers of the recently launched Skybus airline. We got our seats for a whopping $10 each, which had me imagining a Korean War-vintage transport plane where we’d strap

A Pair of Jokers

Although this clip has a bit of age on it now (it was taken over a year ago), it’s one of my favorites as it captures perfectly the relationship of Jason and Scott, who each will try any stupid thing in the book to make

The Thing About Boys

I turned up a neat quote today on what it’s like to have sons: “A boy is a magical creature. You can lock him out of your workshop, but you can’t lock him out of your heart. You can get him out of your study,

Back Yard Adventures

Well, the back yard is finally shaping up for us. Last fall we had some guys come in and clear out the woods, taking down about 100 trees and tons of brush, roots and stumps, then bringing in some fill dirt and topsoil to smooth