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More Milestones

Daddy’s back at work now after a great two weeks at home with Jason. For the second of those two weeks, it was just us guys as Laura pitched in to cover for vacationing staff at her old office. It’s hard to say who’s missing who more at the moment.

Over the break, Jason crossed a few more milestones. He’s gone from showers to baths now and after some initial concern at being set down in a tub of warm water he quickly learned the pleasures of splashing around. He can also walk down the stairs standing up now, with one hand on the railing and the other holding on to Mommy or Daddy. This past Sunday we took down the crib and moved it into our room to await the new baby, so Jason’s moved up to a “big boy bed,” another transition he’s taken in stride much to our relief and delight. And though he’s known the numbers 1 through 10 on sight for months now, he’s just figured out how to put 1 through 5 in sequence, which he does with great glee for anyone who asks (“Wun…Too…Tee…Door…BIBE!!”).

We got through the holidays without having the baby, but it seems increasingly unlikely we’ll make it all the way to the Feb 8 due date…this kid is just too darn big to stay in much longer! We saw a lot of folks over the holidays and their reaction on seeing Laura was always the same…”Are you sure it’s not twins?”

I don’t know how much Jason understands about what’s coming up. We’ve told him there’s a baby coming and he’ll point to Mommy’s belly and say “baby.” He took an acute interest in the baby Jesus in our nativity set and he carries around his stuffed Spider-Man like it’s an infant. But I doubt he understands how much his world will soon change, and that he’ll be having to share us with another little person. For that reason, I tried extra hard to make our holiday time together extra special…it’ll be his last Christmas as an “only child.” But having said that, I think I probably got more out of our time together than he did. He’s a great kid.

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