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“Look Who’s Irrational Now”

There was a great article recently in the Wall Street Journal about the hypocrisy of avowed atheists painting Christians as superstitious ninnies. Titled “Look Who’s Irrational Now,” the article points out that statistically, atheists are far more likely to believe in Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and other paranormal mumbo-jumbo than are religious persons.

This certainly jibes with my own observations over the years. You’ll note that the “counter-culture” generation which rejected traditional religion also tend to be the ones who preach the power of pyramids, crystals, tarot cards and ouija boards, and proclaim themselves witches or what not. And you’ll also note that their kids are rejecting this faddish twaddle in droves to return to organized religion.

I believe there’s a spiritual aspect to simply being human, and sooner or later most people are going to feel the need to fill that void with something. So is it nuttier to believe there’s a supreme being who wants us to love our fellow man than it is to believe space aliens built the pyramids? I suppose it’s a matter of opinion, but it’s obvious which outlook is more beneficial to mankind.

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