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Lessons as Posts

Creating lessons as posts and linking from a course page.  The advantage here is it’s easier to create posts, and you can display in columns and include the “read more” hypertext link.  The disadvantage is that if the site ever switches to a “blog” format, these entries will be included in the blog history rather than existing off in their own little side world as child pages of the main course page.

Another Art Experiment - I’ve always had more luck with drawing than painting.  I’d like to be able to paint, I just never seem to have the patience to learn.  It’s on my “to do” list. Anyway, I came across an interesting method for blending painting and drawing and
Happy 90th Birthday, Sean Connery - Sir Sean Connery celebrates his 90th birthday today, so I thought I’d mark the occasion with another art project using my digital stylus.  I’m sure he’s thrilled. Note I didn’t say “James Bond Actor Sean Connery,” because by now he’s earned the right to be
The Latest Doodle - Like most folks, I’ve tried to find creative ways to stay busy during this whole pandemic thing.  Since I’ve had so much daylight and so many weekends without commitments, the house and yard are looking pretty good.  In fact, the neighborhood in general is looking
Vampire (Likeness) Hunting - Looking for another project to test out my new set of pen nibs and brushes, I decided to attempt a caricature of an old favorite TV character; Dark Shadows’ resident vampire, Barnabas Collins. Rather appropriately, it ended up being a pain in the neck. First,
Another Art Project Goes “Splat” - I got a set of nib pens for Christmas in hopes of finally figuring out how to do “proper” inking. Historically, I’ve used fine-tipped markers and tried to recreate the effects of nibs and brushstrokes through “fakery.” Since the object was to concentrate on technique
2020 - I was finally coming to grips with the fact that I’m living in the 21st (!) century and now here we are in the previously inconceivable year of 2020.  I mean seriously, doesn’t “2020” sound like a subtitle at the beginning of a sci-fi movie?