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Jason Is Seven!?

I always seem to start these posts off with a phrase like “impossible as it seems…” but doggone it, it really is hard to comprehend how your kids can go so quickly from tiny little newborns to…well, in Jason’s case, seven years old!

jp_pwd10I still remember the surprise I felt the  morning of April 15, 2003, when Laura told me it was time to go the hospital (three weeks ahead of schedule)  and how we dropped our tax return in the mailbox on our way out.  And of course I remember what a bundle of nerves I was, convinced I was going to humiliate myself by passing out in the delivery room, only to end up being thrilled by the whole experience and getting really into it.  And I remember Jason, lying quietly under a warming lamp seconds after being born, checking out his new surroundings with a serious stare and giving the first glimpse at what we’d come to know as his inquisitive, analytical brain.  (I’m thinking, “Cool, he’s not a screamer” while the nurse is taking points off his APGAR score).   And then his eyes locked on mine, as if to say, “You! This is all your fault!”

It occurs to me this blog began pretty much when he did, with a post to share the results of our first ultrasound with friends and family.   Over the years, I’ve tried to use this space to record Jason’s adventures, sayings and accomplishments, but I haven’t been nearly as good about it as I intended.

Suffice to say Jason’s made me a very proud Dad since the day he got here.  He’s a sweet kid with a big heart and lots of love and patience for his little brother and sister.  He’s got a great mind and a goofy sense of humor, and naturally he’s terribly handsome.  In the last year, I’ve particularly enjoyed watching him blossom as a Cub Scout, showing good manners and respect to his leaders and fellow scouts and tackling his various badge requirements with real dedication and effort.

Happy birthday, Jason, and thanks for showing up early that mid-April morning in 2003 to kick off seven years of good luck for Mommy and me.  We’re looking forward to the next seven just as much.

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