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It’s A Girl!

Well, incredibly we’re up to Week 20 now with our latest pregnancy. Laura had an extensive ultrasound Monday and everything looks great, thankfully. Strong heartbeat, head the right shape, bones the right size, body the right weight and all that.

And it’s a girl(!). I had a feeling it was, but it’s still surprising after two boys, and I’m left wondering how on Earth I’m going to raise a daughter. The boys are cool with getting a sister, if a bit disappointed to know they won’t be moving into the biggest bedroom in the house after all (the plan was to turn the guest suite into a “boys’ dorm” if we got to three).

At this point, the plan is to name her Grace Elizabeth, after a dear family friend of Laura’s, and her grandmother. I’ve got four months or so to get my head around the notion that I’m going to be a dad again, and try to remember how I got through delivery the last two times, so I’m not totally useless to Laura when the day rolls around.

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