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Happy Birthday, Grace!

It was a pink and purple and “My Little Pony” day yesterday as Grace turned six.  As planned, Twilight Sparkle arrived to take up residence with sister Pinkie Pie.  On the two-legged front, cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents joined us for a fun party and a yummy cake Grace helped design herself.

These birthdays posts are taking on the air of MadLibs with my tendency to keep saying, “It’s hard to believe ____ is turning ____”  but doggone it these milestones really do fly by quickly.  When I was a kid it seemed like an eternity between birthdays, and now it’s like they’re happening every few weeks.  Meanwhile my kids are shooting up right before my eyes, like blooming plants in one of those time-lapse films.  I keep vowing to try and slow down and savor every moment we have with these guys, but I keep thinking of the time when I was little and found myself rocketing out of control on my bicycle down a huge hill; I panicked and forgot the handbrakes, putting my feet down to drag myself to a stop.  Luckily I didn’t manage to wipe out and kill myself, but did mess up my shoes pretty good, and more to the point I proved I was no match for a basic force of nature.  Now it’s time, not gravity, that’s sweeping me helplessly along, and I have to keep reminding myself to control the urge to panic and just try and enjoy the ride.  Easier said than done.


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