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Gracie Turns Two!

ge-hiThat’s right, a whole two years have slipped by since Gracie made her debut in our lives, and if it seems impossible it’s only because the old saying is true: Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

From Day One, Grace has been a real joy to be around, full of smiles and giggles and an eternally sunny attitude that wins over everyone she meets.

Grace has quite a vocabulary for her age, and speaks very clearly.  This is helpful as she has strong opinions about what everyone around her should be doing at any given time, and it helps to be able to express them.

She continues to hold her brothers in thrall, and to be honest her parents as well, but happily so far she’s used her tremendous charisma for niceness instead of evil.  Mostly.

Grandma came down from Ohio last week so she could be here for the big day, and tonight we plan a family get-together with cake and presents.   Should be fun, but then with Gracie every day is a party.

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