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Games With Gracie

Grace wanted to play a game today, so I dug one out of the closet that we’ve never played, even though it dates back to the 90s.  It’s called “Rapid Recall” and it’s kind of like “Password” in that there’s a word to guess, and you give your teammate(s) clues to that word.  But it’s different in that your clue can be as wordy as you like, as long as you don’t use part of the word in the clue.  For instance, for “Empire State Building,” I gave the clue “This is a man-made structure in New York City that King Kong climbed to swat at airplanes.”

Anyway, you give clues to ten words in 60 seconds and when your time’s up, your teammates have to rattle off as many answers as they’ve figured out, and can remember.  Whichever ones they don’t remember, or get wrong, the other team can guess.

The fun part was trying to get on Grace’s wavelength.  For example, for one word her clue was “This thing pokes you.”  When I asked for more details, she said, “This thing pokes you, and then you put on a band-aid.”  And I got it: a needle.  Because that’s what happens when she goes to the doctor.

One was perfect: “This guy put a feather in his cap.”  Yankee Doodle, naturally.

Others were a little harder.  “This thing is in the water, and it’s dry.”  I had no idea.  The answer was “island.”

My favorite: “This is what makes old airplanes fly.”  I guessed “propeller.”  But nope, the answer was “The Wright Brothers.”

One I still don’t get:  “This is a place that’s full of stuff.”  I guessed “closet.”  Jason suggested “landfill.”  But the answer was “Bay of Pigs.”(!)  Of course.

P.S. Jason and Scott’s team won.


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