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Dedicated Wheel Watcher

Past the 18-month mark now and Jason is doing very well. He can recognize all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1 through 10 and has found the perfect TV show for his interests…Wheel of Fortune! People yell out letters, letters pop up on the screen, numbers spin by. There’s lights, colors, applause…what more could you ask for? If he had any say over the Emmies, Pat and Vannah would sweep all the categories.

Other than that, TV holds little interest, thankfully. Among Jason’s more popular passtimes are riding on his new trike from Aunt Amy, climbing on top of the ottoman and announcing, “I TALL!”, rolling around in piles of clean laundry while Daddy tries to fold (“CLOTHES!!”) and riding around the neighborhood in his wagon. The latter of which is made all the more interesting whenever he decides to pull off his shoes and toss them onto of one of the neighboring streets. On a really good day, Daddy doesn’t even notice til he gets back to the house!

Aunt Heidi’s wedding was fun and very pretty. Jason did pretty well, but suffered some separation anxiety since Mommy and Daddy were both in the service. The trip up and down weren’t too bad, though. About 2 1/2 hours in to the trip up, we stopped at a rest area and Jason was delighted. Who knew a couple of picnic tables, a flower bed and a water fountain could be so much fun? (And to think some people spend big money on theme parks!). We can only guess he thought that was our final destination. Anyway he wasn’t very happy when we bundled him up and put him in the car seat again for the next leg of the trip.

Baby brother or sister is coming along nicely, and still on track for a February birth. (But big! Everyone at Cousin Holly’s wedding asked Mommy how many kids were in there.) We don’t know how much Jason understands about what’s happening, but he loves to look through Mommy’s book of illustrations showing the fetus in each stage of development. He’s fascinated with infants, but that may or may not hold true once one comes to share his room!

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