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Shatner Mania

In the unlikely event there was still a doubt in your mind, William Shatner does indeed rule the known Universe. And here’s your latest proof:

Some Halloween Fun

What could be scarier than Michael Jackson, you ask? How about the Indian Michael Jackson, captured here in the bone-chilling Bollywood adaptation of “Thriller” which YouTube poster Buffalax has dubbed, “Girly Man.” Be afraid, be very afraid.

Guns + Kids = Fun

From the days when boys were allowed to be boys, here’s a wild TV commercial for the Dick Tracy “Tommy Burst” machine gun and detective set. “You Can Tell It’s Mattel: It’s Swell!” Nowadays of course, the liberal wetnurses running America have torpedoed anything remotely

S is for Superman

Superman is never so busy saving the Earth that he can’t stop to tutor you on the alphabet.

A Pair of Jokers

Although this clip has a bit of age on it now (it was taken over a year ago), it’s one of my favorites as it captures perfectly the relationship of Jason and Scott, who each will try any stupid thing in the book to make