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Flynn’s Won the War

During my recuperation, I’ve been enjoying my new box set of Errol Flynn westerns and getting back in touch with my inner Flynn fan. Just for fun, here’s a clip from the star-studded “Thank Your Lucky Stars,” which gave Flynn a rare opportunity to show

Japanese Video Pranks

If you find yourself bored and have 50 to 100 friends similarly starved for fun, a Japanese TV show has come up with a fun way to spend the afternoon; scaring innocent bystanders with the old “rampaging mob” routine…

Geek Humor: Trek meets Star Wars

Okay, maybe I’m just sleep deprived waiting for baby to come, but somehow this YouTube clip struck me as hilarious. You kind of have to be a fan of Star Wars and Star Trek to get anything out of it, but what the heck.

Til There Was You…

Jason and Scott are big Beatle fans, which isn’t too surprising given they live in our house, but it is kind of unusual that they’ve picked “Til There Was You” as a favorite song, over something more kid-friendly like “Yellow Submarine” or “Drive My Car.”

“Powerhouse” Harmonica Band

Okay, as far as I’m concerned, stuff like this is the whole reason we even have an Internet. From deep within the “anything goes” vaults of YouTube, I give you a whacked-out harmonica band performing Raymond Scott’s “Powerhouse.” Kids, it’s cheaper than drugs and safer

Better, Stronger, Faster

Assuming anyone reads this blog, you may have noticed I recently made the switch from Blogger to Word Press. Among the many reasons for this was my goal of posting videos of the kids (and what not) without having to add them to the public