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The 41st Republican

Well, hopefully Nancy and Harry are waking up to smell the coffee this morning, although actually it smells more like napalm. In Massachusetts, of all places, where Republicans account for a mere 12% of the electorate, the Dems have lost “Teddy Kennedy’s seat” to a

Deal With The Devil

Well, we all knew Pat Robertson was a nutjob, but with the death of his chief rival Oral (“Satan threw fireballs at me in my kitchen”) Roberts, the CBN founder seems intent on securing once and for all the title of Looney Toon Numero Uno.

“No Finger Pointing”

In the wake of the security meltdown that nearly led to a Christmas Day disaster on an incoming international flight, President Obama scolded the American intelligence community and said that in his search for answers he would not tolerate finger pointing.  Shifting the blame after

“Acquital Is Not An Option”

The latest “fun with language” news comes — surprise! — from Wacklyand, D.C. and centers on Attorney General Eric Holder’s plans to try 9/11 villain Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four alleged co-conspirators in civilian court.  In answer to criticisms from Republicans that he risks freeing

Governors Gone Wild

Okay, so let’s see if I’ve got this straight.  South Carolina governor Mark Sanford just flat-out disappears for five days, leaving no one in charge.  His staff, when pressed, “reveals” he’s gone off on a solo hike of the Appalachian Trail to clear his head

War By Any Other Name

In the proud tradition of Bill Clinton, who put a joint in his mouth to please half the room then refused to inhale so as to please the other half, the Obama administration is perfectly willing to continue Bush’s anti-terror policies, provided they’re stripped of