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Hitting 50: Yours Truly

If you were a kid in the 70s’s, you might have seen a TV show called Space: 1999.  If you weren’t, it’s likely you never heard of it.  It was dark and gloomy and generally slow-moving, with two stars who managed to be technically famous without being

Hitting 50: The Super-Moby Dick of Space

Even though I wouldn’t lay eyes on it until it was reprinted in the early 70s, the bizarre tale of the Super-Moby Dick of Space fist hit newsstands in March of 1965.  When I finally did get around to reading it, it left a whale of an impression.  Ahem.

Hitting 50: Wally Wood’s Daredevil

Fifty years ago this month, fans of Marvel Comics’ Daredevil (assuming there were any) found a surprise on the cover of issue #7: a whole new look for the world’s greatest blind superhero courtesy of artist Wally Wood. Daredevil had been launched the year before

Hitting 50: Strange Tales #131

Well, I guess it happens to all of us sooner or later (if we’re lucky):  this is the year I hit the big 5-0.  No doubt the AARP literature is already on its way to my mailbox. Rather than count the lines on my face