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Fun At Grandma’s

Last week we made our first trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Ohio in over a year.  It was also our first real vacation in a long while.  The kids enjoyed time with cousins, a trip to Amish country and an endless supply of

Dance Little Sister, Dance

Grace had her dance recital on Wednesday, and all the practice paid off; she did a great job.  Her old class, a couple years ago, was more just a case of “something to do once a week,” with not a lot of real progress.  At

April Adventures

Weekend before last, Jason, Scott and I traveled with Troop 800 to Sherando Lake park, near Waynesboro for a weekend of camping.  Jason’s chief goal was to fulfil his requirement to complete a 5-mile hike, which he did, in spades, since it turned into a little

Shipping Out (for the Weekend)

Jason and I had an adventure this past weekend as BSA Troop 800 made a weekend outing to Camp Pendleton in Virginia Beach.  Among the highlights was a day trip to the Norfolk Navy base for a guided tour of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore

It’s 2015 (Where’s My Hoverboard?)

Well another year’s gone by and as usual this site’s been largely neglected.  I always start out with every intention of posting regularly, then the next thing I know it’s New Year’s Eve again. It was supposed to be easy; I downloaded an app that

Labor Day Adventures: Jason the Chess Champ

Well, this blog thing is working out great, huh?  No updates from April to September.  Anyhoo… We had a lot of excitement over the Labor Day weekend as Jason finished the 78th annual Virginia Closed chess tournament with 5 wins and 1 draw, making him