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Catching Up

Laura says I’d better update this blog soon or people will stop visiting.  So for the approximately 2.3 of you who make this site a regular stop, thanks for hanging in there.

We had a few anxious moments week before last when Grace came down with a slight fever that lasted — on and off — for a couple days.  That and a runny nose made us fear the swine flu, which so far none of us are vaccinated against.  Whatever it was, it passed after about 48 hours, and Grace is back to her sunny self.  One of her favorite expressions now is “Z’at?” (“What’s that?”) as in, “Z’at?”  “Well, Grace, that’s a thermostat.”  “Ohhhhh.  Z’at?”

halloween09-smallHalloween was fun, as usual.  Jason opted to go as Iron Man and Scott as Spider-Man, so they’ve officially turned on their DC-loving Dad and gone all Marvel on me.  There seemed to be a lot less households participating this year; we probably walked twice as far as usual to collect about half as much loot.  Maybe it’s because the holiday fell on a Saturday this year and people were off doing other things.  Or maybe, as Laura guessed, it’s because people are germ-conscious and didn’t want to expose themselves to hordes of germy kids all night.  Either way, the boys didn’t seem to mind.  Grace stayed behind and helped hand out goodies in her “Tulip Fairy” costume, complete with curly-toed “elf” shoes.  They were the first footwear she’s ever kept on for any length of time; any other shoes or socks get pulled off the moment we turn our backs.

We just got over four straight days of rain here, but the last couple of days have been very pleasant.  Yesterday we went down to Chase City to visit Nana and Big Daddy, and this weekend we’re off to Ohio for Thanksgiving week.  Never a dull moment.

That’s the quick-and-dirty update.  I’ll share more here as it happens, or I remember it.

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